COVID-19: Globalization at Risk – Emergence of Localisation Era.

Severe outcome of COVID-19 has claimed many lives and many countries have been affected by this pandemic. World has experienced similar kind of adversities in the past but at different scale and intensity. We are still fighting with COVID-19 and no one knows how long it will take to come back to normal life. It seems that Globalization is not only contributing in integration of local economies into global market but also contributing to expand the darker side of it. 

Since 19th century the Globalization experienced large-scale expansion by removing trade barriers of many markets. It became very convenient to globalise economically, culturally and politically. No one imagined that it will also globalise the diseases as well. One thing which all countries are realising now is to restrict the entry of the carrier elements of this adversity and shutting down all doors. Self isolation, quarantine, travel restrictions, import restrictions – are we enforced back to localisation?

Thousands are dead, and almost everyone is affected directly or indirectly. Are we paying price for the globalisation or is it nature which is on autocorrection mode? This is the time to analyse and see that if eating habits of people of one country can make so much of difference in the world then which other things we are relying on from that region. And the answer is almost everything.

Impact of this pandemic is much more destructive, and it seems like humanity is being tested for its survival skills. These are the risks which cannot be avoided. Desperate times needs desperate measures. This is a sign for leaders to look out and explore all the local resources, create self sufficiency and try to localise to the maximum extent. This could be the starting era of learning, struggle and localization. Mankind will win this battle for sure, but we must use our learnings to be ready for future calamities specially created by ourselves else nature shall take its own course.


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Hi, I’ m Gurpreet An international marketer, traveler, blogger and photographer based currently in British Columbia. Expertise in Global sales and marketing of processed food and organic products with deep-rooted knowledge in Brand building, market penetration and expansion strategies.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Globalization at Risk – Emergence of Localisation Era.

  1. Nice article.
    It’s high time for businesses and humans to do introspection and make the world a better place.
    There are always some pros & cons on going global vs local so the solution could be sustainable & ethical business practice which prevail to live up to the expectations of stakeholders & society.

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  2. You are very right . I have been puting emphasis on this matter for the last twenty or so years that the whole world has become dependent on one country . This s all due to the wrong import polices of government . Well still it’s now right time to think over it and we should stop imports and be selfreliant .

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