Impact of Covid-19 Pandemics on International Trade shows and Exhibitions: Trends in my field

Pandemic has exposed international business to a new spectrum where in person presence has been replaced by virtual meetings. With the scenario, everyone trying to retain and maintain the business with the help of virtual meetings and hybrid approach. All trade shows and exhibitions where buyers and sellers interact and exchange thoughts has become virtual to satisfy the need of the business.

Due to travelling restrictions, companies are focusing more on the local meetings where they can have more impact. Localisation has been main focus than globalisation with the change in the trend. Regional business and events have gained lot of attention by providing potential in the market.

As webcams are replacing the personal presence, avoiding travel cost and time, content of the meetings has become core rather than other obligations and formalities.

Observing the changing trends in business, professionals have to be very well versed with the new technology and software. As these hybrid approaches are a big benefit in the near future but there is always technical issues and lack of personal touch, which is a major drawback. Specially for a sales person, physical presence is very critical and important aspect of the meetings/ product demonstration where they can have uninterrupted attention and focus of the client during the meeting. Product demonstration, tasting, sampling and experience of products create more impact physically. Knowing about your competitor’s products and other available options in the market is a big advantage in trade shows and exhibition which is not possible in virtual shows.

However, I believe virtual shows will remain there till pandemic but trade shows and exhibitions will come back very strong after pandemic is over.


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