Impact of Covid-19 Pandemics on International Trade shows and Exhibitions: Trends in my field Pandemic has exposed international business to a new spectrum where in person presence has been replaced by virtual meetings. With the scenario, everyone trying to retain and maintain the business with the help of virtual meetings and hybrid approach. All trade shows and exhibitions where buyers and sellers interact and exchange thoughts hasContinue reading “Impact of Covid-19 Pandemics on International Trade shows and Exhibitions: Trends in my field”

Fitness Quotient @ 40 and after

It all started will few metal plates and wooden bench on a terrace of remote village when I had a teenager’s mind frame of building a strong physique. Never realised that this practice will become my habit and biggest source of motivation, determination and self discipline in times to come. All though insufficient skills, knowledgeContinue reading “Fitness Quotient @ 40 and after”


Millennial tagged as the selfie generation these days is composed of the biggest part of the living population across the globe. They are readily occupying the vacate space created by the baby boomers. Millennials are actually the consumer set with maximum purchasing power at this point of time and hence is one the most importantContinue reading “HANDLING MILLENNIALS: MILLENNIAL MARKETING”


Ethnic identity is an important individual and collective characteristic in contemporary societies. Some of the indicators of ethnicity in a multicultural state includes: language, tradition, beliefs, religious, principles and dress. Though most of these are influenced a lot by the local (mainstream) cultural component, however, one of the most important indicators of ethnicity i.e. foodContinue reading “ETHNIC FOOD BRANDS & INTERNATIONAL MARKET”

COVID-19: Globalization at Risk – Emergence of Localisation Era.

Severe outcome of COVID-19 has claimed many lives and many countries have been affected by this pandemic. World has experienced similar kind of adversities in the past but at different scale and intensity. We are still fighting with COVID-19 and no one knows how long it will take to come back to normal life. ItContinue reading “COVID-19: Globalization at Risk – Emergence of Localisation Era.”