Fitness Quotient @ 40 and after

It all started will few metal plates and wooden bench on a terrace of remote village when I had a teenager’s mind frame of building a strong physique. Never realised that this practice will become my habit and biggest source of motivation, determination and self discipline in times to come. All though insufficient skills, knowledge and technique contributed to lower back injury but being an outdoor sports lover, I did manage to recover. Initial years of my carrier provided me ample amount of time and energy which I could devote to fitness however with the career progression and added responsibilities it was difficult to continue at same pace. And if you are into sales profession, travelling makes it worse. By the time I was 30, I had my first daughter and a promising/challenging career to contribute. This was the stage of realisation when I identified the need of being healthy not physically but also mentally and spiritually. Because under regular conditions physical fitness and skills will do the trick but under extreme conditions only healthy spirit or soul will let you through.

Fitness is an extremely overrated state which could be a desire, need, necessity and social status depending on different individuals and personalities. Being fit does gives a confidence in life but fitness is a broad term.

Physical fitness is state of health and well being and its not hard to understand the way to get physically fit. Exercise, outdoor sports, cycling, hiking etc. there are different options depending upon the someone’s interest and liking. Anything which provide satisfaction is good. Purpose is to determine a way to keep 

Mental fitness determines person’s ability to enjoy life and balancing the normal stress of life, and keep your brain and emotion healthy. Lack of mental fitness lead to long lasting sadness, irritability, extreme high or low mood swings, fear, worries anxiety, social withdrawal etc. Relaxation, spending time with family, recreational activities are few ways to develop mental fitness.  

However Spiritual fitness is exercise for the Soul and therefore leads to its strength. Spiritual fitness involves one’s values, beliefs and purpose of life and it can be achieved both mentally and physically. It does not require any degree of religiosity or belief in supernatural but it is fitness of spirit and soul. Meditation, practicing yoga, travel, positive thinking, looking for deeper meanings in life and above all gratitude can help to achieve it. 

It is important to exercise mind and spirit same way as we do for our body to achieve wholesome fitness. Life is not what is happening around us it what is happening inside us.


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Hi, I’ m Gurpreet An international marketer, traveler, blogger and photographer based currently in British Columbia. Expertise in Global sales and marketing of processed food and organic products with deep-rooted knowledge in Brand building, market penetration and expansion strategies.

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